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Ruckman's Explanation of the Trinity Causes Confusion
As we speak, differing opinions on how best to describe the "Trinity" or Triune of the Godhead are somehow putting brothers and sisters in Christ at odds with ...

The Trinity - Pagan Greek Philosophers and Gnostics (PART 4)
Apostle Paul and John had to defend the Early Church against pagan philosophers and gnostics like Diotrephes whose name meant "nourished by Zeus".

Christian Faith is Under Attack in America
Upload by permission of ChristInProphecy http://www.youtube.com/ChristInProphecy Lamb & Lion Ministries http://www.lamblion.com/ Do Not Take The Mark!

The Trinity - False Religions and False Gods (PART 5)
Roman Emperors brutally murdered and persecuted Christians for blaspheming against their state religion of paganism or roman polytheistic gods. Christian ...

Pilgram Tract Society
Pilgrim Tract Society, Inc. was established as a non-denominational ministry to spread the Word of God through the means of the printed page. We print and ship ...